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I’ll admit it: my son’s first glass of wine was Mogen David.

Despite having some fun on his first night home with a bottle of my favorite Etna Rosso (from Le Metro Volume IV, of course) it wasn’t until we held his “Brit Milah” (circumcision ceremony) last week that we were really ready to test out his wooden leg.

Wine geekiness aside, I’ll be the first to admit that there is a time and place for ritual and that it usually falls when both family and religion are present. After all, the Jewish people have been circumcising their sons for roughly 5,000 years; while Concord grapes haven’t been around for nearly that long, they’re sure to have been the main variety in the wine that my immediate ancestors and I each partook of on our own respective eighth days. (It’s also what I caught my first buzz off of at that long-ago Passover seder – sorry Mom and Dad.)

I did feel a little bad drinking my father-in-law’s grower champagne while Little Dude was sucking Mogen David off a napkin, but it seemed appropriate for each of us to take the edge off in our own way. Although it’s been years now since I finally won the great kosher wine debate with my father, sometimes you’ve just got to follow the lead of the man holding the scalpel to your son.

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Starting very early in Wifey’s pregnancy – pretty much as soon as we were aware of it, in fact – we added one step to our Sunday morning routine. While the coffee was brewing, we’d step onto the back deck for a quick photograph; she’d stand in the same place and in the same outfit and I’d shoot a single photo. Each week I cropped it and added it to the collection, watching in amazement as the striped shirt concealed less and less of her belly.

This time lapse video is made from 30 photographs that were taken over the course of 35 weeks or so. It was a blast to put together (with the help of my brother-in-law Erik over at Hush Studios and my own first foray into iMovie).

If Micah lets me get away with it, perhaps I’ll keep the Sunday morning photo habit going for the first twelve years of his life like this dude amazingly did with his daughter. But I fear that Little Dude may grow to be less pliant than his Mother.


Our Little Dude has finally arrived! I’m now officially The Winedad.

Micah Theo Epstein was born at 2:08 AM on Tuesday, October 8, 2013. He is one big beautiful dude; the strength shown by his Mommy has changed my understanding of the word.

As it turns out, all of the clichés hold true. I never knew it was possible to be so proud and full of joy. I’m desperately in love with this guy.

Now I can’t wait to take him home and give him his first taste of Champagne.



Week 41.

One week past “due,” we find ourselves really wishing that we had never been given a date at all. No matter how many times you tell yourself that it’s just an estimate – one which could be off by several weeks in either direction, no less – it’s hard to shake that number once you’ve got it in your head. (It’s especially difficult for those of us who are by nature are compulsive planners.)

I’ll be the first to say that in pregnancy, as in life, it’s all about setting realistic expectations. Only 5% of babies are actually born on their “due date,” so with this in mind we’ve done our best to disregard the date altogether. We’ve tried to avoid speaking it out loud and have had to dodge the question:

“When is the baby due?”

“Oh, late September, early October, we’ll see…”

I’ve gotta tell you, though – anyway you slice it, it doesn’t really work. Deep down inside, nobody’s that zen. We were really hoping to have met our new little roomie by now, and it’s well past time for me to take over some of the duty of carrying him around.

We try to keep moving and we try to keep calm – every day that goes by is a day that I’m able to put to good use. Baby Momma and I are spending a lot of quality time together, and simultaneously, Volume V from Le Metro – Wine. Underground. is all ready to ship out next week. (Volume VI is already in the works, although it’s slow going with my head in the clouds.)

I try to stay busy enough that my excitement is contained; according to certain schools of thought Mommy and Daddy’s baited breath actually keeps baby in. The way I keep catching my jaw clenching these days, if I was the one carrying Little Dude around we’d have quite a while left to wait. (Luckily Wifey is generally a much calmer person than I am, and is determined enough to keep it that way that she’s already turned her phone off and gone into hibernation mode.)

We walk several miles a day together and are spoiling ourselves rotten with food (as much and as spicy as possible). Following the midwives orders we’re enjoying as much sexy time as possible (THANK YOU MIDWIVES!!).

However, as wonderful as it all is, we’d much rather be munching on our baby boy.