As much as I like to say how progressive a world we live in, there is one constant thorn in the side of dads like myself who, while “stay-at-home”, also spend a lot of time out-on-the-town:

Wherever we go, the men’s rooms lack proper baby changing facilities. So my dude and I end up on the floor – or in the trunk of the car – which is somewhat more sanitary but still a less-than-ideal setting for wiping your child’s ass. (For the record, plenty of ladies’ rooms also lack proper surfaces, and my wife has also done her fair share of floor time.)

There are, of course, exceptions. Airports and major tourist attractions have pretty good track records for having family changing rooms; shopping malls may be hit or miss. But the photo above, which I took last week at Ballast Point Brewery‘s Little Italy location, represents an all-time first. A men’s room, in a restaurant, with a changing table! Granted, they make beer and this is San Diego – that, my friends, is some brilliant marketing. But it is also legitimately awesome. (Yet one more reason why Ballast Point rocks my world: they’ve got my favorite beer – Sculpin – the best soft pretzel in town, and changing tables in the men’s room. I’m still waiting for the catch.)

For better or worse, though, I spend only limited amounts of time in airports and at the zoo, and it’s not really socially acceptable to discuss how often I bring my child to alcohol-focused establishments. So I can only hope that this is the beginning of a trend that will spread quickly to other restaurants and the like. In the meantime, Wifey and I are considering doing our part to speed up the process: I can’t tell you how tempting it can be to change the baby’s diaper right on the table.

Thanks to Mama-in-law Galina for providing the inspiration for this post, and to Sean Kelley for pointing out the photo-op. :)