It’s official: Little Dude has discovered his manhood.

I don’t mean this figuratively, as in he’s taken up hunting or something, but more in the literary erotica sense of the word. And it’s no exaggeration to say that he’s obsessed. In a house full of toys – including some pretty rad brand-new birthday presents – all that he wants to play with is his penis.

Until recently, he would cry when we lay him down to change his diaper and we thought, “Oh, he hates lying down on his back.” These days that’s not so much a problem. But you should see him buck and shriek when we put the diaper back on.

All of our friends who are parents to young boys had warned us of the day when this discovery would go down. And I shouldn’t really be surprised – I mean, by age 32 the novelty has worn off somewhat, but who are we kidding. Seriously, though, whoa now! You should see the fun that this kid has during bath time.

It’s all laughter and games for now. But his mother and I are not exactly looking forward to puberty.