Each day, while I’m out and about with Little Dude, I receive a number of totally undeserved compliments from strangers. Not that I necessarily mind the attention, but I do heed the social ramifications. When was last time you saw a stay-at-home Mom receive heaping praise from fellow supermarket shoppers, simply for making it to the check-out line with her toddler?

The subject has come up more and more frequently as of late, and an article that a friend of mine posted on Facebook this morning inspired me to sit down and put some thoughts in order. Somewhat provocatively titled, “My Husband: Five Reasons Why I Am Not Lucky To Have Him,” argues that it is by choice, rather than luck, that many of our generation have managed to alter our household roles.

I’ll raise a glass to that. I choose to spend my days with my child and to encourage my wife to continue her career (in which she utterly excels). She, in turn, takes pride in setting an example as a working mother, as well as in my decision to raise our son. Of course it would be lovely if we could all stay home together, but for practical reasons that’s not really an option. However, we have chosen our roles, and taken them upon ourselves willingly.

At the end of the day, I do give luck some credit. It brought Wifey and I to the same place at the same time, so that we could choose to spend the rest of our lives together.