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Week 27.

This one comes at you straight from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, where Wifey and I are enjoying what is likely to be our last quiet vacation for quite some time. We’re taking advantage of what has commonly come to be called a “Babymoon:” our final opportunity to make use of the swim-up bar at the adult pool (at least without paying for a babysitter or traveling with our parents).

Apparently this kind of trip is a relatively new phenomenon. Although I’m not first of their offspring to take one – in fact I’m the third – my parents seem to get a real kick out of the concept. “Can you believe the kids all go on ‘Babymoons’ these days? When we were younger all we got was one honeymoon…”

Go ahead, call us spoiled; we can take it. This vacation makes all the sense in the world:  once Little Dude takes his first breath nothing will ever be quite the same, let alone travel. So allow me my Dos Equis, and Wifey the little umbrellas in her tropical juice. She’s earned it – and I’m happy to carry her bags.

Judging by our observations on the voyage here, future journeys are likely to take on a vastly different tone – before we’ve even arrived at our destination. Here are a few examples:

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Hey, at least once we do make it to the gate we’ll be able to board early. That’s gotta count for something.

3 thoughts on “Babymoon”

  1. I recently experienced the best-to-date way of winning people over on planes. I board my plane to Seattle, sit down, and a couple three rows ahead starts handing out little plastic baggies three rows back and three rows forward (at least) each with ear plugs, mints, and a little card that says:

    “Hi! My name is Jacob and this is my first flight ever. I’m six months old. My parents and I are really nervous about what kind of flyer I’ll be, and the doctor said that my ears might hurt. But I’m hoping it will go okay. If I bother you, please use these earplugs while I try to quiet down. Have a great flight!”

    Everyone just “awwwwwwwwed” and no one made a peep when he cried.

    1. Lauren, I love it!! We’re totally going to do something like that when we take little dude back east for thanksgiving. “My name is ______, and I am going to meet my cousins for the first time! Believe me, if I’m screaming on this flight it sucks a lot more for me than it does for you…”
      How do you think that would go over? 😉

      1. I think it also included something like “see my parents? the ones who look like they haven’t slept in 6 months? They hope this is okay for me!”

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