Week 32. Month 8.

We literally can’t go anywhere these days without people stopping us in our tracks and commenting on Wifey’s figure. Generally the remarks she elicits are positive in tone, most commonly:

  1. “Oh my God… what an adorable belly! You’re, like, the cutest pregnant woman ever.”
  2. “Aw…. there’s a BABY in there! Do you know if its a boy or a girl??”

Then of course there’s the one that pregnant women around the world love to hate:

3.  “Holy shit… you’re HUGE!”

Regardless of which of these comes first, it’s almost always followed by the question, “how far along are you?” Then, when people hear 8 months, they inevitably exclaim “only one month to go!”

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), they’ve got it all wrong.

Everybody is taught that pregnancy lasts nine months, which is true in its way. But a normal pregnancy doesn’t come to term at the beginning of the ninth month; the baby is born at the end of it (if Mommy is even so lucky). So this whole “nine months” thing is total bullshit. We’re talking about ten months here.

Which means that we still have to wait two months before we get meet our little dude. His room is ready, and he’s already got quite the wardrobe waiting for him. But he’s gotta keep cooking, and Daddy’s still got his work cut out for him over the next couple of months.

They say patience is a virtue, right? 

2 thoughts on “Countdown”

  1. That’s why the Romans always said pregnancy in humans lasts ten months – they counted inclusively. So you’ve got smart ppl agreeing with you!

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