If there’s one thing I’ve found about having a social life as a stay-at-home dad, it’s that not everybody out there wants to hang with a guy who’s likely to roll up with a baby strapped to his chest. So, while I am in fact blessed with some friends who seem to enjoy my son’s company as well as my own (in some cases more so), it’s become apparent to both Wifey and myself that it’s time to put some effort into meeting people who actually do share our lifestyle.

Unfortunately, out there in the real world, this is easier said than done. So – along with enrolling Little Dude in various activities – I joined, signed up for a Dads group, and started suggesting monthly meetups at craft breweries around town. I mean, duh, where else would we all get together to hang out with our small children?

I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit weird the first time around. Not quite as awkward as online dating (with which I also have some experience pre-Wifey) there is nonetheless some social discomfort. I decided to handle it the same way I always handled early dates back in my single days: with alcohol conveniently at hand to grease the wheels. Delicious alcohol. I am, after all, the Winedad.

So a few weeks ago, a group of us got together at Stone Brewery‘s Liberty Station locale to sip some beer – responsibly, of course – and get to know each other. The question of how to identify each other was easily addressed; we did not wear the iconic Meetup name tags, but several of us did wear our children. And despite some scrambling on the restaurant’s part when we all showed up unannounced with the kids, I’d call it a success.

I’ve even got a second date planned with some of the guys. If you’re a dad in San Diego and you dig the local craft beer scene, join the gang and come along to the next one in a few weeks at Station Tavern in South Park.



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