With three months under our belts now, it’s been a lot of fun to observe (and of course to comment on) our little guy’s development. I mean, who ever thought thought it could be so exciting to watch him successfully wrap his baby fingers around a toy? Not that he can hold it for very long yet, but having witnessed him spend months figuring out that his hands even belong to him, I say it’s pretty damn cool. Watching him stare at his own face in the mirror is a better way to kill time than plenty of shit that I tried in college.

It’s tough, though, to avoid making these signs out to be more than they are. Sure they’re developmental markers, but they’re not exactly precise; WebMD says that for a baby to take his first steps “the normal range is anywhere from 9 to 17 months.” Um, that’s a pretty big window.

Over coffee on Monday morning, Wifey read me some highlights from the weekly email she receives from Baby Center.

“This one’s interesting,” she said, “about half of babies this age begin to exhibit an obvious recognition of their parents.”

“Only half?” I asked. “Does that mean our guy’s a genius?”

“Come on, they’re milestones, not IQ tests.”

“Well, if his brain is developing quickly it’s gotta be because he’s smart, right?”

She laughed, but discouraged my wishful thinking. “You really never know – it’s entirely possible that he’ll crawl super early and then start walking late. Some babies skip crawling altogether, and that’s considered a marker.”

Ok then. As much as I’d like to think that my son’s cooing indicatesĀ an Ivy League-calibre mind, I’m going to hold off on sending applications.

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