This one is dedicated to my sister Samara, who loves pizza as much as I do.

A week or so ago, we began introducing our little man to solid food. If It had been up to me I would’ve started him off with Neapolitan pizza, but as it turns out the prevailing developmental philosophy dictates saving the best for last. So we started with rice cereal. Yum – just what I was craving.

It’s fun for somebody as flavor-obsessed as myself to see what my son digs and doesn’t. But of course it’s never that simple: as with all things baby-related, the whole subject of when, how much, and which foods to feed an infant is full of controversy. In order to prevent allergies as much as possible it was recommended to us that many foods be introduced between four and six months. But for better or worse, the chances of a child weaning himself from the breast may go up as he starts to discover other foodstuffs. This is weird to me – I mean, who would choose oatmeal over boobs?

OB-style parents that we are, we’re doing our best to stay out of debate by making his food ourselves. It’s easy to be a hippie about it and feed him fresh, organic produce when you live exactly one block away from Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market, and fun gadgets like the Baby Bullet make it super easy to blend it effortlessly at home.

So far, so good, but as I said we’re talking about one week here. In a few more, when it’s just he and I alone all day… we’ll see how long I’m able to resist taking him over to Buona Forchetta for pizza.






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