(No, not my photo – or my kid – although he could end up looking like this.)

Week 31.

We’re heading into the final stretch: Wifey’s beginning her last month on the job (thanks California!), little dude’s bedroom is halfway ready to go, and – like a good Daddy-to-be – I’m preparing to get the hell out of Dodge for a while. What better excuse for leaving Baby Momma on her own in Month 8 than a manly road trip up to wine country?

Believe it or not, I’ve got her full support on this one (or so she says). It’s a multi-purpose journey; while mostly about connecting with my friends up in Napa and Sonoma, making new ones, and sourcing wine for future volumes of Le Metro, it also serves a deeper personal goal. (It may help that I planned the trip around our birthing classes which begin next week, so I managed to store up some points from that, too.)

It hasn’t taken much effort for us to prioritize “couple time” before our son is born – after all, spending time alone together is our favorite activity. But it’s much more complicated to actually take time alone. So we’ve decided to leave each other up to our own devices for a few days while we still deem it “safe.”

Don’t worry – I’m not really leaving her hanging. I’ll make sure the house is clean and full of food before I take off; more importantly, I’m setting her mind at rest by gathering my buddies to help assemble baby furniture while she’s at her shower this weekend (and to make more room in the fridge for her by drinking all of our beer). Moreover, her parents are just a half hour away, so we’ve got a safety net in place.

So I’m willing to risk it – for the wines I’ll get to try on this trip, and for the volume of the tunes I’ll be cranking in the car on the way. But there’s just no accounting for hormones; I may still spend the rest of my life living it down.



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