Little Dude has recently become a fixture at our local Home Depot as much as he is at my wine tastings.

You see, we’re moving next week. And although Wifey and I have each relocated every year or two since we were 18, this time is a little different. We bought this house, and we have some renovations to do before making it our own. Also, there is a crazy little monkey by our side to complicate matters at every step of the way, and who is now crawling (as if he wasn’t already keeping me on my toes).

Our realtors got to know Micah’s mood swings well. He was even comfortable around the seller’s agent by the time we closed escrow, and when we solicited bids from contractors they wooed us by showering affection on our child. (Coincidentally or not, the guy with the four month old at home ended up landing the job.)

Now that it’s time to pick out furniture and fixtures, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that our kid has similar tastes to his mother and I. He enjoyed the texture of the tiles we were scoping out last week, and when confronted with carpet samples (as pictured above) gave us clear signs that we should leave the hard wood flooring uncovered. Soon we’ll be picking paint colors, and I’m sure he’ll provide his two cents on those as well.

The little guy and I certainly do have our work cut out for us. While Baby Mama busts her ass so that we can actually afford to furnish our new home, he and are heading out, tape measure in hand. With this particular assistant, though, I should probably be sure to double check the measurements.



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