Silence (AKA: Daycare)


This is my first week as a (pretty much) full-time stay-at-home-dad, and all I can say is: thank God for the YMCA.

During the anxious and exciting months of Wifey’s pregnancy, by far the healthiest of the habits that I cultivated was that of swimming every day. (We needn’t discuss the others in so much detail). Those last few weeks pre-parenthood she even accompanied me to the pool; seeing that belly under water each time I swam by was pretty epic.

Sadly, though, the best habits are usually the first to go; it’s been a real struggle to get to the gym more than once or twice a week since Little Dude came along. Even 15 minutes underwater has been a blessing… until now. You see, along with the awesome outdoor pool (pictured above), the Mission Valley YMCA offers childcare even for small babies.

You might wonder at my comfort level leaving my (now five-month-old) son in the hands of others while I swim. He’s well out of sight while I’m underwater, and I certainly can’t hear him if he cries. But seriously – what the hell did you think I was there for? Nowhere else that my Prius can take me is nearly as quiet. 

Not that it’s quite as relaxing there as it used to be. Where once my swim was entirely therapeutic, now I spend my limited time waiting for the other shoe to drop. Any YMCA employee I spy through my goggles could be the one who is coming to cut short my fun. And it’s occurred to me: if my child has a meltdown, what happens then? Do I run through the gym in my Speedo to save him, dripping with chlorinated water? Am I allowed a quick shower? How does this all work? Sooner or later we are bound to find out.

In the meantime, though, I’m relishing in the silence of my daily swim. I never expected fatherhood to whip me into shape so quickly.


4 thoughts on “Silence (AKA: Daycare)”

  1. I joined the gym a year ago after receiving a flyer advertising free childcare with their “Platinum” membership. 20 bucks a month? And free childcare? I was sold. And am currently in the best shape of my life :)

  2. I just started using the child care service at the JCC while I swim/gym first time was definitely nerve wrecking but he is a little trooper!

    1. It gets easier every day, for sure. I look forward to when I can calmly enjoy some time in the hot tub after my swim. 😉

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