Week 35.

As we approach the home stretch of this pregnancy, every parent we encounter takes it upon themselves to provide some (unsolicited) advice. Whoever/whenever/wherever we may be, it is always the same, and comes delivered with equal parts solemnity and melodrama (as well as an undertone of evil laughter and spooky Halloween music in the background):

SLEEP WHILE YOU CAN!! mwa ha ha ha ha ha” 

I’ll admit, I’m a little freaked out by how quickly time seems to be passing these days. Before we know it our little guy will be here, after which point (if you buy into the hype) we’ll never sleep again. The problem is – we’re already not sleeping much.

It’s understandably difficult for Wifey to get comfortable with that watermelon inside, and he’s resting right on her bladder sending her to the bathroom at regular intervals. There’s a lot of nocturnal activity going on over here – not to mention a body pillow in the middle of the bed. So I’m left with a little slice of mattress on which to enjoy the Daddy-to-be insomnia that my sources indicate is par for the course.

You know what’s happened? The dire warnings I’ve been receiving are actually causing me to sleep less. I lie there, brain churning, wondering what my son will look like and what changes he will affect in my life. Meanwhile, somewhere on the edge of my consciousness a very assertive man with a powerful loudspeaker is screaming YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN!!!! YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN!!!!

Honestly, I’m becoming convinced that I’m going to sleep better once Little Dude is here. The reality can’t possibly be as bad as my own imagination.

2 thoughts on “Sleep”

  1. Sure everyone says “sleep while you can” but really, sleeping extra before the baby comes doesn’t help out after.
    In the very beginning when baby came home from the hospital and there was little to no sleep at all, I was running on pure adrenaline – it was so cool to be so important to someone. I felt like I had a buzz.

    I have to admit, I do sleep better now that we have the baby than I did before. I sleep a lot less, but the sleep is better. I, unfortunately, am a very light sleeper and had to wear ear plugs for decent sleep before Baby. I haven’t worn them in 4 and half months! I will still wake up to Baby’s moans and cries, but in between them all, I sleep DEEP. Crazy dreams, body knocked out deep. It’s the exhaustion, full body & mind exhaustion.

    Ask my husband for his take on his lack of sleep situation….you will get a different answer 😉

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