Week 39.

My mother asked me yesterday if she should start leaving her cell phone on when she goes to bed. I responded with a question of my own:

“Would you be upset if you woke up in the morning to a photo of your Grandson?”


“Well then leave your phone on, Mom. I don’t know what to tell you. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be making any phone-calls while Wifey’s in labor – even to you – but I promise I’ll text when things start to go down…”

A few days before that I had called my mother-in-law, seeing as I was nearby with some free time. She answered the phone breathlessly:

“Hi! Is everything ok?? Is the baby coming???”

“Um, hi. No, we’re not in labor. Breathe. I just wanted to see what you’re doing for lunch…”

“Oh. I’ve gotta run. I’m in a meeting. Sorry, can’t do lunch.”

These ladies are not the only ones – it’s now begun in earnest. The inquiries roll in daily, and not just from the grandparents-to-be. When Wifey’s iPhone lights up on the table it typically reads:

“How are you feeling??? Any contractions yet? Is the baby on his way???”

Yup, of course. She’s giving birth, just texting away on her iPhone… Words With Friends, anybody?

As the man, there’s just one question that comes my way (hourly):

“Are you a dad yet?”

Sure dude. Totally. My son was born yesterday and I’m sitting here tasting a bunch of Pinot Noir. No worries, my wife doesn’t need me around…

Joking aside, it makes us both feel extremely loved to know that you’re thinking of us. Please don’t stop checking in – we’d be pretty devastated if we weren’t getting those messages.

Seriously, though  – we’ll keep you posted. Has anything about this blog indicated that I’m shy?


One thought on “SMS”

  1. I think there are certain things in life that cause people to ask the same questions. When your a senior in high school everyone wants to know where you’ll be going to college and what you’ll major in. When you get to college everyone wants to know what you’ll do when you graduate. When you’re a woman getting married everyone wants to know whether you’re stressed and if you’ll be changing your name.

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