Wifey goes back to work in about a month and a half, and while I’m excited to have my mini me to myself all day, I’m also scared absolutely shitless. This stay-at-home dad gig is about to become serious business, and I’ve got a lot to take care of before I’ll begin to feel like there’s nearly enough time in each day.

The whole “Winedad” thing is not a joke – at least not entirely. Little Dude will come with me wherever I go, and as far as I’m concerned this includes my usual wine tasting circuit.  We do not have a nanny lined up, although I am blessed with a mother-in-law who is extremely generous with her time (hint, hint, Babushka). I’m determined to keep things going with Le Metro – Wine. Underground., which is the (now second) most exciting thing I’ve ever done.

For anybody reading this who doesn’t know us personally, I’ll explain: there’s a bit of a role reversal in our household. I’m not your traditional dad and my wife’s not your traditional mama. In fact, she’s the hard-working breadwinner and I’m the one who is focused on maintaining our home and our lives – shopping, cooking, balancing the checkbook, and (occasionally) cleaning.

But maternity leave is a special time. We’ve spent the past several months happily treading all over each other’s turf – she’s been hanging out in the kitchen more often, and I’ve been busting my ass with my friends at PROTOCOL wine studio to build Le Metro into a well-oiled machine before my time is suddenly in much higher demand on the home front. All the while mentally preparing myself to assume my full-time responsibilities as Mr. Mom.

If one can ever be fully prepared for such a thing.




4 thoughts on “Solo”

  1. How lucky Julia is !!! I wish I could have some time out…!!! It is hard work, I have to say…be ready for it! Because the older they get, the more demanding AND exhausting it will be!!!! My 1 year old Emilia was left 10 minutes alone in the kitchen (while I was tiding things up in her bedroom) and she poured half bottle of vinegar in the living room!!! (thank God we have no carpets!) and hour later (while I was in the bathroom) she did THE SAME thing with the cloths softener (if that word exists in English!!!) so…by now…I’m becoming an expert!!! hahahahahahah if you need any advise, here I am! 😉

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