Starting very early in Wifey’s pregnancy – pretty much as soon as we were aware of it, in fact – we added one step to our Sunday morning routine. While the coffee was brewing, we’d step onto the back deck for a quick photograph; she’d stand in the same place and in the same outfit and I’d shoot a single photo. Each week I cropped it and added it to the collection, watching in amazement as the striped shirt concealed less and less of her belly.

This time lapse video is made from 30 photographs that were taken over the course of 35 weeks or so. It was a blast to put together (with the help of my brother-in-law Erik over at Hush Studios and my own first foray into iMovie).

If Micah lets me get away with it, perhaps I’ll keep the Sunday morning photo habit going for the first twelve years of his life like this dude amazingly did with his daughter. But I fear that Little Dude may grow to be less pliant than his Mother.

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