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I’ll admit it: my son’s first glass of wine was Mogen David.

Despite having some fun on his first night home with a bottle of my favorite Etna Rosso (from Le Metro Volume IV, of course) it wasn’t until we held his “Brit Milah” (circumcision ceremony) last week that we were really ready to test out his wooden leg.

Wine geekiness aside, I’ll be the first to admit that there is a time and place for ritual and that it usually falls when both family and religion are present. After all, the Jewish people have been circumcising their sons for roughly 5,000 years; while Concord grapes haven’t been around for nearly that long, they’re sure to have been the main variety in the wine that my immediate ancestors and I each partook of on our own respective eighth days. (It’s also what I caught my first buzz off of at that long-ago Passover seder – sorry Mom and Dad.)

I did feel a little bad drinking my father-in-law’s grower champagne while Little Dude was sucking Mogen David off a napkin, but it seemed appropriate for each of us to take the edge off in our own way. Although it’s been years now since I finally won the great kosher wine debate with my father, sometimes you’ve just got to follow the lead of the man holding the scalpel to your son.

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5 thoughts on “Tradition”

  1. My son’s first was a barrel tasting of Petite Syrah, fitting since a PS started my journey into wine. He was grabbing my glass as we tasted, so twice I dipped my pinky in and gave him a drop or two. He slept 9 hours that night for the first time!

    We thought it was a coincidence until I did it again with a particularly delicious Rhone and he slept 9 hours again for only his second time. We’re now convinced the wine had some effect and are too afraid of harming his little body with it, but crave the 9 hour sleep ins.

  2. You know what? I love the little glass of the sweet stuff I drink every year at Passover. My family has never cared about Kosher wine and there’s always the good stuff available, but I crave that glass of concord jelly juice.

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