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Week 17.

On Monday night, Wifey met me for a quiet dinner at a restaurant we’ve long been meaning to try. She was coming from yoga (more on that later) and I from a meeting nearby.

I arrived a few minutes before her, and as soon as she walked in the door I knew that something was wrong. She sat down, all flustered, and it poured right out of her:

“There’s something wrong with the lights on the Prius! When I got in the car after yoga, the brights turned themselves on. Nothing I did would get them to go off again – I swear, I tried everything! It was terrible, people were honking at me all the way over here. I pulled over and tried again, I don’t know what to do!”

While I was pretty sure this situation was not panic-worthy, it also occurred to me that laughter was probably the wrong way to go. So I took a deep breath and encouraged her to do the same. (I’m all about picking my battles these days.) I promised to take a good look after dinner.

We had a pleasant enough meal – despite the weight of the terrible events in Boston earlier that day; we’ll definitely be going back to Alchemy. Afterwards, I walked her to the car, and she got in the driver’s seat to show me what was wrong.

“See?? The brights are on!!”

In our Prius, the lever for the brights is exactly where it is in most cars – to the left and slightly behind the steering wheel – and it functions in much the same way. I pulled it gently back, towards the driver, and the brights went off immediately.

There was nothing at all wrong with the car – my pregnant (and highly intelligent) wife had simply forgotten how to work the lights. User error.

See? “Pregnancy Brain” is a very real, yet totally unexplained phenomenon. I’m living with Exhibit A. Good thing she and that belly are adorable. 





2 thoughts on “User Error”

  1. On my way home last night there was a Prius right behind me with the high beams on. Now I need to apologize to you for cussing at you, I had no idea it was you.

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